Monday, June 8, 2009

Hanging out in Wisconsin


The whooping cranes that we have been following all year finished their migration back to Wisconsin. What are they doing now? We read a slideshow book by Journey North to find out. Then we acted out parts of the story. You can see the whooping cranes (children) roosting in our pretend wetlands and flying away from predators. You can also see the whooping cranes eating snakes, snails, and blue crabs. We watched a videoclip of the cranes dancing and some of our whooping crane children tried the dance moves.


Yummy blue crabs, snails, and snakes

Roosting in the water. Watch out for that predator!



This whooping crane child is roosting as one way to stay safe from predators. Some of the predators are coyotes, wolves, and bobcats.


Our new superintendent, Dr. Murphy, visited the Discovery Lab. The children told Dr. Murphy about the endangered whooping crane.


Whooping cranes will eat just about anything, including snakes.

Can you see the snake in the whooping crane's beak?

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